Solomon Waterwine


Closing My Legs

Isaiah David Paul

Solomon Waterwine LLC
978-1-934195-81-9 (print)
978-1-934195-52-9 (eBook)
248 pg.

Maria Rice, Apple Mack and Carolina North form a pact–to watch over each other on the streets and to make sure no man is able to take advantage of them. Maria is frustrated that she can’t find love, Apple can’t stay in love and Carolina is mad that her education has not gotten her where she thought she should be. Their mistress, Madam Mulah plans to keep them in bondage by any means necessary.

After serving ten years in a correction facility, Abel Victor is coming home, but he is not the man he was when he went in. And now that he’s out, he’s determined to do the three things he feels the Lord has called upon him to do. First, he needs to reestablish the strained relationships with his sons. Next, he wants to pull Maria, Apple and Carolina out of the streets to keep them from falling into the same traps that set him up for life behind bars. And finally, he wants to start a church in his old neighborhood to begin to reverse the wrongs he contributed in other people’s lives. Will his plan to do God’s mission work, or will the temptations of women, riches and power lure him back into the streets?


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