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Donte Sweat

Solomon Waterwine, LLC

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King Dunlap doesn't know who killed his mentally disabled younger brother, but when he finds out all hell is about to break loose. Being a mortician and a serial killer is big business and he intends to use both skills to his advantage. With a penchant for seducing women of all shapes and sizes out of their panties and leaving his enemies shaking in their drawers in fear of his murder game, King has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. King will do whatever it takes to get the answers he needs to bring about his own brand of justice. As long as the old ladies aren't messed with, the kids are safe and the game goes as it supposed to, everyone's safe from harm. Step out of line and King has no problem making sure that he gets top dollar by selling his victim's body parts to his people in Mexico. But what if the murderer he's seeking is also looking for him?

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