Solomon Waterwine


Soldiers of the Cross

K. L. Belvin, Maurice M. Gray, Jr. & Isaiah David Paul

Solomon Waterwine

In this groundbreaking anthology, three ministers take three nontraditional ways to convert sinners into believers.

In "Lukewarm Saint" by K. L. Belvin, an educator battles two loves only to find he can’t serve two masters and must choose between the Lord or lust. Next in "Called Out of the Lines" by Maurice M. Gray, Jr., a pastor who can ball on the court at an NBA level must decide whether taking a high office truly is his calling or just a temptation to elevate himself for personal gain. Finally in "Follow the Leader" by Isaiah David Paul, a minister who used to lead a life of crime must help two new converts stay on the path of righteousness before all three of them stray by the wayside.

There are many ways to the cross, and these Soldiers of the Cross are leading the way

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